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August 19, 2008


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aaah, my favourite moments, when knitting and ICT combine! You'll be surprised just how many knitting campaigns there are out there, WaterAid organised a knitted river, Save the Children currently have a campaign to get people to knit baby hats, St Johns Ambulance encouraged people to knit tea cosies which could then be sold on and Stitch n Bitch London created a big pink blanket to support Breast Cancer Care.


As you'll see knitting is the new campaigning tool, maybe I should start to think about it as a new career :-)

Rachel Beer

Thanks for your comment, and sharing those links, Louise.

I'd found a couple of those while in the process of trying to find some clear instructions so I could get knitting. Sadly, however clear the instructions, I can't seem to master it. Is there such a thing as 'two left hands'?!

There's also the Innocent Big Knit for Age Concern: http://www.innocentdrinks.co.uk/thebigknit/?Page=thebigknit_story

Of course, all this is rather more reinvention, rather than invention, as my Nanna was knitting blankets for charity long before it was cool! But I love the new spin (no pun intended) being put on knitting for causes now. It interests me that it offers something that charities really benefit from - the opportunity to truly engage people with their brand through a route other than donating money. I am hypothesising, but I think that something more experiential like this might create a deeper bond and greater commitment. I would be really interested to see how many knitters, who aren't already financial donors, go on to give money and/ or support Oxfam in other ways, as opposed to those whose first exposure was to have been asked directly for money. I know that charities often find that conversion from campaigning asks to other types of support - particularly financial - can be disappointing, and is usually more difficult to achieve than converting someone who already gives money to support additionally in other ways. I would be very interested to see whether adding the experiential element creates a different dynamic.


Whenever you want to start a knitting / social media meet up, just let me know! (i can teach you Rachel)

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