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January 23, 2009


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Ed Walker

This is a great post Rachel, I think people already on twitter often forget that it can seem very confusing from the outside.

I'd suggest people creating a personal profile and if they create an organisation profile keeping it very separate. Or even do as some people have an create multiple profiles for their organisaton based on who works there e.g. edatuclansu, johnatuclansu. But then also keeping an organisation only profile e.g. uclansu which is for official updates from the organisation itself.

It's a tricky one, as you mentioned above to get your head around! But great post and a great starting point for those wanting to explore twitter.

Rachel Beer

Thanks Ed. Glad you liked it.

It's actually surprisingly difficult to describe it in a back to basics style when you've been using it for a while - but I have tried to do that simply because, as you say, I know from people I've spoken to that it's not obvious from the outside and many people still aren't even sure what Twitter is.

I agree with what you say about separate personal and organisational profiles. You've probably guessed, that will be the next step in this series after experimenting with a personal account. Great tip, too, about multiple organisation profiles for different people and departments using Twitter for different purposes. I've seen a few examples of organisations doing this and can see the logic.


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please I would like to know how to create the...@nonprofits account. the information above hasn't really provided this answer. Correct me if am wrong!

Rachel Beer

Hi Nelson,

Unfortunately, someone else already has the @nonprofits account and, as Twitter account names are all unique, you'll have to choose an alternative profile name.


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