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January 21, 2009


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Matt Chatterley

Much like any social medium - if you don't know what you are planning to achieve (or if your targets are too vague), then it will probably just turn into a waste of time.

If well defined goals are set out, even if they are relatively long term - then at least you have something to aim for, and a purpose behind your actions.

We actually see this with eCommerce customers occasionally - change of topic I know - but you would be amazed. People decide to launch web-shops and sometimes don't even know what they are going to sell until they start talking about building a website..

Andre Arnett

I think you have hit the nail on the head with this. I was just reading that we have not begun to use Twitter in marketing to its fullest. But, be sure to tell everyone how dangerous Twitter is. Oh, nothing sinister, just how truly addicting it can be.

Rachel Beer

Thanks for the comments, both. Nice to get some additions along the way. I'm hoping that, as time goes on, more people add their Twitter insights, stories, thoughts and tips, so we get a well-rounded view.

Robin Fisk

Nice work Rachel - I would add to this that if you are following others you need to be selective - it's impossible to properly following thousands of daily contributors.

Rachel Beer

Thanks for the comment, Robin. I started to write about following people in the post after this one, here:


I see your point about following lots of people, but would say that Twitter is something different to everyone, and used differently by everyone. You create your own Twitter experience to suit your own needs. I follow almost 1,300 at time of writing, which - I admit - wouldn't be for everyone, but there is no definitive, in my view and it's about finding what works for you.

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